Why Include Microfibre Cloths Or Mops In Your Cleaning Supplies Budget When They Cost More Than Others?
Thanks to the science of microfibre, everyday cleaning can become more effective by leaps and bounds. When all of the advantages of using this innovative fibre are added up, paying a little more makes a lot of sense.

Thanks to the science of microfibre, everyday cleaning can become more effective by leaps and bounds. When all of the advantages of using this innovative fibre are added up, they provide plenty of evidence that paying a little more for a superior cloth or floor mop can give you the satisfaction of achieving better results. Check out the following answers to the question: Why should I put microfibre cloths in my cleaning budget, when they cost more than others?

Microfibre cleans better

The science behind microfibre is what makes the product better at cleaning. The sad fact is that typical mops and cloths do little more than spread around a large portion of the dirt and cleaning chemical residue you want to remove. When water evaporates, dirt and chemical residue are left behind. Microfibre does a far better job. The following are more reasons why microfibre is a superior fibre for cleaning with and mop or cloth and worth the added cost:

• Remarkably, millions of fibres rub together when a dry microfibre cloth or pad is being used for cleaning, and a static positive charge is produced. The static charge actually attracts dirt and dust, which is negatively charge, like a magnet. The dirt is pulled in and trapped until the pads or cloths are washed. During the wash cycle, the dirt is released because the charge is broken.

• When microfibre is used damp, dirt is absorbed by the super sponge / capillary vacuum action that pulls and holds. Claims like these can’t be made about any other kind of cloth or mop.

Microfibre is better for business

Controlling the potential spread of disease-carrying germs is important to businesses. Most businesses hire cleaning crews or have their own cleaning departments. Microfibre has been proven to be a material that provides numerous benefits for companies and those who do the cleaning. The following are benefits to the cleaning crew and, by extension, businesses:

• Less effort is required to achieve the work of cleaning.

• Fewer chemicals are needed for cleaning jobs. Fewer chemicals means the workplace is safer for those doing the cleaning and the cost of cleaning is lower for the business.

• Using microfibre is more ergonomic, which means workers suffer less fatigue, stress, and injury.

• The cost of cleaning supplies is greatly reduced when microfibre is used. It has been estimated that the total cost of mopping and wiping supplies can be reduced by 60%.

• Microfibre cloths can work after hundreds of washes, as long as they are cared for and laundered properly.

• The absorbency of microfibre is remarkable. These advanced cloths can absorb up to seven times the amount regular cloths are capable of absorbing.

Of course, if microfibre is used at your place of business, you could benefit in numerous ways simply because the environment is healthier.

There are many more reasons to invest in microfibre for cleaning. So why delay using this superior type of cleaning cloth?

At XO2, we are microfibre cleaning specialists. If you’re looking for advice on the specific type of microfibre cleaning system that’s just right for your facility, give our team a call today on 1300 123 499, or visit the XO2 microfibre cleaning products online store.

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