XO2® New & Improved 'Safe & Fun' Labels
For the past few months, the product development team have been giving there all in an effort to create the worlds best chemical label. Well, we nailed it and are proud to say they are OUT NOW! Come and get em while they're hot!

For the past few months, the product development team have been giving an all-in an effort to create the world's best chemical label. The project was called 'Safe & Fun.' Of course, we wanted to have labels that keep our customers safe and compliant...but hey, we're XO2...so you know that's not fun enough for us. We took it to the next level and introduced fun and personality into the use of the products. Happy cleaners clean better!


We’re kinda like mad scientists...even with our labels!

We know in the cleaning game that sometimes the chemical itself can dissolve its own label when it drips. So we made sure the materials used in the new label resisted every chemical and blend we threw at it. We are proud to say that our all new cracker label is OUT NOW in the first 20 products and variations. Another 20 are coming out 10th February 2020!

It's all for you and just part of our mission to make you say WOW! We hope you love em as much as we do! xo

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Infection Prevention and Control for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Influenza
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