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Upholstery Cleaning Chemicals

XO2's high performance system for cleaning upholstery, rugs and delicate fibres is second to none. It's designed for professionals in commercial and domestic applications including automotive and marine. XO2's upholstery cleaning solutions are especially popular on fibres that are traditionally difficult to clean and easy to damage like wool, silk, cotton and linen. They also performs great on synthetic fibres and stain resistant nylons. Get results easily and gently with dye and fabric stability, residue free results, fibre safety and a lightening fast cleaning action on body oils, sweat marks, food and drink stains and organic soils.

3 different ways Fabulous cleans upholstery...

1. Extraction. Pre-spray fibres prior to water extraction. (Recommended: Also use Plush rinse in your solution tank.)

2. Dry Clean (Low Moisture). Pre-spray fibres prior to bonnet cleaning.

3. Encapsulation Cleaning. Apply, agitate, allow to dry, then vacuum with a powerful brush operated vacuum cleaner.