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Touchpoint Cleaning & Disposables Range

Touchpoints are surfaces in a facility that are often touched by hand. Surface touchpoints have a much higher risk of spreading germs, bacteria, and viruses. That's why they should always be kept clean especially during the cooler flu season months of the year. We should plan to clean touchpoints at least daily and it's a good idea to disinfect them using a TGA listed hospital grade disinfectant with disposable wipes or disposable mops that can be discarded immediately after use to avoid spreading the nasties and causing cross contamination.

Some of the most common touchpoints include...

1. Door handles and switches: Building entrance, office, car and cupboard door handles. Light switches and air conditioner control. Toilet and urinal flush buttons. Lift buttons.

2. Personal items: Phones, tablets, keyboards, laptops, computer mouse, pens, diaries, notebooks and hands.

3. General surfaces: Reception desks, checkouts, countertops, cabinets, benches, tables, chairs, handrails, fridges, kitchen appliances, trolleys, EFTPOS/ATM machines, toilet seats and locks, sink taps and manual push hand soap/sanitiser dispensers.

4. Invisible touchpoints: Under chairs (where people touch to pull their chair in). Under tables (especially around the edges where people touch). Levers and buttons on gym equipment (and anywhere sweat may also make contact).

Where you can't introduce touch free solutions (like automatic doors), effective and hygienic cleaning of your touchpoints is one of the most important ways that your facility, staff, visitors, patients, residents and students can stay safe and healthy... free from cross contamination.