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Gloves & Hand Protection

The reason we wear gloves is to protect ourselves and others. Our range of disposable and re-usable gloves has got you covered. If your looking for gloves suitable for hygiene or chemical handling your in the right place. XO2's leading collection of gloves includes nitrile (our favourite), vinyl, latex, flock lined and specialty options. You'll also be able to choose disposable gloves that are powdered or powder free. Get awesome chemical protection, better quality, good dexterity and movement… what’s not to love? XO2 has the glove we should be donning in just about every situation. We're here to help with all your glove needs so give us a call if you need a hand (insert laughter).

Blog Article: Why Wearing Disposable Gloves Is Dangerous!

Wearing disposable gloves is dangerous! Unless of course, you wear the right ones. This article is all about helping you don the right glove because we care about you (and your hands).

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