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Guest Amenities & Supplies

Want to impress your guests? Give your guests the amenities, supplies and experience they deserve. XO2's range of guest amenities, detergent sachets, coffee, tea, sugar, milk, toilet paper, and facial tissues is sure to please. We specialise in creating guest experiences that make people smile and remember you (and hopefully leave a 5 star review on TripAdvisor or Airbnb too).


XO2® Luna 2.0 showerMAID Dispenser
22.00 22.00 22.0 AUD
XO2® Luna 2.0 showerMAID Hair & Body Refills - Fresh
7.52 7.52 7.5200000000000005 AUD
XO2® 4ME Shower Cap In A Box
29.70 29.70 29.7 AUD
XO2® 4ME Sanitary Bag In A Box
22.00 22.00 22.0 AUD
XO2® 4ME Cosmetic Bag
3.58 3.58 3.58 AUD
XO2® 2ply 100 Sheet Facial Tissues
54.95 54.95 54.95 AUD