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Granite Cleaning, Sealing & Maintenance

Got some beautiful granite to clean and maintain? You're in the right place. Welcome to XO2's top granite cleaning, sealing and maintenance products. Granite is an exceptionally hard, coarse-grained rock comprised of quartz, feldspar and mica. It's attractive, expensive, hardwearing and highly resistant to chemicals. Granite's colour can vary from almost black to blue-grey to red, pink and to mottled white with a surface that is flecked and speckled. The finish of granite varies also from tumbled, bush-hammered and honed to highly polished.

How To Clean Granite With C-A-T: CAT stands for Chemical, Agitation and Temperature. Choose the chemical that's suitable for your surface and soil. Select the right agitation method (eg. floor pad, brush, high pressure) and what temperature will you clean with (heat often cleans better)?

Recommended Products For The 4 Types Of Granite Tile Maintenance

*Always test products first before use

1. Initial - Cleaning newly laid floors... Use Bobby Dazzler (pH neutral). To remove grout haze and plaster dust use Crackerjack or Phos Power

2. Regular Maintenance - Use Bobby Dazzler (pH neutral). This is for everyday cleaning of floors, walls and benches.

3. Periodic Cleaning - Use Bonza or Too Easy. Periodic cleaning may occur monthly, quarterly or yearly. 

4. Restorative / Salvage Cleaning - Use TKO or CrackerjackThis is when things have gotten a little out of hand and the surface needs a reset! If a coating needs to be removed use the compatible floor stripper. For difficult stains use Poultice Pro and for rust stains go with Rust Daddy.

Precautions: Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners where possible. When using heavy chemicals neutralise with Bobby Dazzler afterwards to avoid fast re-soiling.

Sealing Granite Floors: XO2 recommends sealing granite floors and grout with Pro Seal Ultra, our invisible impregnating floor sealer. This penetrating sealer is not a coating that will sit on top of the surface and it will not change the look, colour, texture or slip resistance of the granite. Our preference is not to use coatings on top of granite floors as you tend to loose the natural beauty of the granite. XO2 does not recommend the use of any sealer coatings or enhancers on granite.