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Grout Cleaning, Sealing & Maintenance

Got dirty, hard to clean grout lines? You are not alone! We have designed our grout cleaning products to take the pain out of cleaning grout and get you the results you want fast. Keep in mind some tiles and surfaces are highly sensitive to acidic and alkaline cleaning chemicals. To avoid permanent damage of the surface choose a grout cleaning product that won't affect the surrounding floor surfaces. And to be sure, always test first before use.

How To Clean Grout With C-A-T: CAT stands for Chemical, Agitation and Temperature. Choose the chemical that's suitable for your surface and soil. Select the right agitation method (eg. floor pad, brush, high pressure) and what temperature will you clean with (heat often cleans better)?

Recommended Products For The 4 Types Of Grout Maintenance

*Always test products first before use. Check for suitability of the product on surrounding surfaces. For example, do not use an acidic cleaner like Phos Power to clean grout on marble, limestone, terrazzo or travertine floors as you risk etching the surface.

1. Initial - Cleaning newly laid floors... Use Bobby Dazzler (pH neutral). To remove grout haze and plaster dust use Crackerjack or Phos Power.

2. Regular Maintenance - Use Bobby Dazzler (pH neutral) or Bonza. This is for everyday cleaning.

3. Periodic Cleaning - Use Bonza or Too Easy. Periodic cleaning may occur monthly, quarterly or yearly. For mould use iDestroy.

4. Restorative / Salvage Cleaning - Use Too EasyTKO or CrackerjackThis is when things have gotten a little out of hand and the grout needs a reset! For difficult stains use Poultice Pro and for rust stains go with Rust Daddy. And for severe mould use iDestroy.

Precautions: Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners where possible. When using heavy chemicals neutralise with Bobby Dazzler afterwards to avoid fast re-soiling.

Sealing Grout: Use Pro Seal Ultra for sealing grout (test first, don't use too much, and remove any residue immediately from the surrounding surfaces). This penetrating sealer (also called 'invisible impregnating' or 'natural look' sealer) is not a coating that will sit on top of the grout surface and it will not change the look, colour, texture or slip resistance of the grout. If you wish to also seal the floor surface check for suitability and test before proceeding.