Get Rid of Bad Smells. For Good!

3 simple steps to stop smells for good.
10 June, 2020 by
Get Rid of Bad Smells. For Good!

Every time we do a survey, our XO2® customers rate bad smells as being one of the top 3 biggest cleaning challenges. If it's a big deal for our customers, then it's a big deal for us. That's why we've invested so many resources into the smelly-sciences to develop solutions that really work (and are safe to use)!

1. Hunt it down the bad smell

To stop the bad smells, first you must find it the source! It might sound silly, but get your detective nose on and start sniffing. What stinks? Where is the stink coming from? Why does it stink?

2. Kill it...kill it dead.

Clean and treat the source of the stink. Here's where chemical selection and usage is the key. XO2® has designed a How to select the right product chart to help you select the right product for the job. 

No, not like this. Never like this.

3. Stay in control (of the smell, and yourself)

Ok, so you've cleaned it up, and it's smell free. Hooray! But what if, like Freddy Kruger himself, it returns with a vengeance? To stop the stink, you must stay in control. This means having a cleaning routine that regularly tackles areas where smells build up, so you can stop it from coming back BEFORE it happens. Remember to stay on top of these stinky offenders!

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