Going green is good for business... ohhh yeah!

Like to go green? Not sure where to start?

XO2 works hard to minimise our impact on the environment. Let us help you on the path to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Going green with your cleaning chemicals and hygiene supplies is not just about product. It's about protecting people, better processes, the right products and responsible delivery and packaging. Going green can achieve lower operating costs and a safer, healthier workplace for your team, guests and visitors.


Get started by checking out some of XO2's Green Approved products.

XO2's natural and eco-friendly cleaning products love people and the environment. Going natural and chemical free wherever you can is a great way to keep people safer and healthier. At XO2 we are huge supporters of radical chemical reduction in the home and workplace.

Green approved for a happy healthy world.

We make it our priority to provide environmentally sustainable solutions that make economic sense. Wherever possible, XO2 products meet the following criteria.

• Zero or very low VOC's.

• Safer to use.

• Made from rapidly renewable materials.

• Low on-going maintenance requirements.

• Reduced energy and natural resource consuming materials.

• Products that respect the health and well being of its users.

• Not tested on animals.

• Environmentally friendly & sustainable packaging.

• Do not contain palm oil.

3 Benefits Of Sustainable cleaning & hygiene Practices

Protect People

The health and safety of people is the highest priority and first step to a sustainable facility.

Reduce Impact

Reduce the environmental impact of what you use and how you use it during the cleaning process.

Boost Productivity

Happy people using safe products and processes that work well leads to greater productivity and workplace wellness.

Better for your people and the environment.

XO2 helps make the places where people work, stay, learn and heal awesome!