XO2 is an Australian manufacturer of cleaning chemicals, infection control and hand hygiene products.

At XO2®, we design, develop and manufacture world class commercial and industrial chemicals for Australian businesses and facilities at our Burleigh Heads manufacturing centre.


Our specialties

Some of our manufacturing specialties include...

 Hand sanitisers (incl. foaming, liquid & wipe options)
 Surface disinfectants (incl. liquid & wipe options)

•  Odour control chemicals
• Specialty cleaning chemicals and stain removers.

Toll Manufacturing & Private Label

Buy our brand or create your own!
• Low minimum batch sizes (av. 1000-2000L / product)
• Personalised SDS (GHS7 compliant safety data sheets)
• Label design services
• Chemical formulation creation and reverse engineering
• Discreet and confidential services
• Laboratory testing and TGA listing assistance

Australia Wide Services For Government Departments, Critical Industries + Small, Medium & Large Businesses

The best supply partner you'll ever have.
• Fast production times. 
• Guaranteed supply arrangements (even in pandemics!)
• Biosecurity product specialists
• Over 50 years of problem solving experience.

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