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Automatic Air Fresheners & Dispensers

Does the smell in your washrooms make guests say 'Wow' or 'Oh no, yuck!'?

Bad smells lurking in bathrooms, foyers and bin areas are embarrassing for your facility and unpleasant for visitors. XO2® automatic air freshener systems keep your toilet and facility areas smelling great in between cleaning visits. Our automatic dispensers spray, pump or release odour stopping solutions (3in1 sanitise, deodorise and neutralise) at programmable intervals that are pleasant to the nose and refresh the bathroom air. There's distinctive and memorable fragrances to suit every mood and aroma-marketing need. And you'll see technology here you won't see anywhere else... like our automatic air freshener dispenser with a smart motion detector designed to go to work when it's needed most. XO2® automatic air fresheners make your facility smell great 24/7.