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Odour Control For Bins, Chutes & Garbage Areas

Stop the stink today in your bins and garbage areas with XO2's odour eliminators and removers. Yes, even eliminate those prawn and fishy bin smells on a hot Aussie summers day. At XO2, we've been making odour eliminators that work for over 50 years. We don't muck around with bad smells. They're bad for business. XO2's bin and garbage area odour control range destroys the nastiest smells from stinky bin areas, water damage, urine, vomit, blood, sewage, faeces and more. There's antimicrobial, pro-active bacteria and enzyme derived chemistry, aerosols, automatic dispensers and more. Use these products indoors or outdoors. There's options for bottles, buckets, tanks, foggers, peripheral spray devices or injection syringes. You'll find what your looking right here. We dispatch our odour eliminators same day and deliver Australia wide.