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Carpet & Upholstery Deodorisers & Odour Neutralisers

Turning Peeew...into Yeeew! XO2's range of deodorisers and odour eliminators for carpet, upholstery, curtains and fabric leads the industry. Our high performance Odour Kill stops smells fast, is anti-microbial and comes in a choice of aromatherapy fragrances or a hypoallergenic no-fragrance option. It can be used in everyday professional cleaning and also in restoration and odour problem solving situations. And when time is not on your side and you need a bad smell gone quickly use Whoopin. It's wildly popular amongst hotel and accommodation managers who need to turn a room around fast. The bad smell might be from cigarette smoking or cooking curries and if it's got into everything... fabrics, timber, porous surfaces or maybe you don't know where the smell is coming from, grab the Whoopin full release fogger and all will be well again.