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Odour Eliminators & Neutralisers

XO2's odour eliminators and neutralisers are made in Australia by us for professionals and facilities. They are best in class for the removal and treatment of bad (and shocking!) odours. We use highly innovative odour control technology to quickly destroy germs and smells. That's means we don't just cover odours, we destroy them at the source. To top it off, the space will be left smelling fresh and clean by one of the long lasting aromatherapy fragrances. Use them indoors and outdoors in multiple applications with bottles, buckets, tanks or foggers. XO2's odour neutralisers and eliminators destroy the toughest odours caused by organic waste, curry's, urine, faeces, sewerage, pets, flooding, smoke, rotting food and more. Odour Kill is our most famous product in this range and Whoopin' is an amazing problem solving full release fogger. To help choose the right product click on our odour selection guide below.