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Bathroom Cleaners

Does the cleanliness and odour of your bathrooms say good things about your facility or business?

XO2 is an environmentally-friendly manufacturer of the best bathroom cleaning and maintenance chemicals you've ever seen. We make a variety of high quality products that include all purpose cleaners, shower, bathtub & spa cleaners, sanitary hygiene bin chemicals, urinal cleaners, odour removers and toilet bowl & seat cleaners. The range is designed for professional users and facilities to experience the best safety, speed, economy and quality of clean every time.


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XO2® SpaKling Hygiene Security Seal Sticker
18.15 18.15 18.150000000000002 AUD
XO2® Aussie Pearl - 30-45 Day Urinal Deodorising Screen
7.81 7.81 7.8100000000000005 AUD