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Carpet Cleaning Chemical Kits

XO2's carpet cleaning chemical kits are the easiest way to introduce a 'world best' chemical system for your professional carpet cleaning business or inhouse facility carpet cleaning department. You'll enjoy more success, better speed, faster drying, happier customers, greater staff satisfaction and bigger cost savings. Our stain removal kit is available in Express (no training required and easy to get started) and Advanced (for professionals who have completed a stain removal training or have extensive experience). There's 2 hot water extraction carpet cleaning chemical kits... the first is the Express kit which is perfect for inhouse cleaning departments, professionals that are starting out or for professionals who need a quicker method for busy times of the year. The second is for the pre-spray method which is the most commonly used way of cleaning carpets and upholstery in Australia. These kits are dispatched same day and delivered Australia wide.