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Carpet Stain Removers & Spotters

Make your stains disappear with XO2's range of commercial carpet stain removers. Stain removal is by far the biggest challenge that carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals face. So say goodbye to old hit and miss stain removers and get the latest technology that works fast, is tough on stains and gentle on fibres. Remove stains from all types of carpet, upholstery, rugs and curtains. There's 3 options you can choose from on this page.... 1. All Purpose. If you just want an amazing single all purpose carpet stain remover go with Houdini or Houdini wipes. 2. Specialty. Go for the specialty stain remover you need if you know what the stain is. 3. Kits. For a more comprehensive stain removal system check out our Express (no training required and easy to get started) or Advanced kits (for professionals who have completed a stain removal training or have extensive experience). We'll dispatch your order same day and deliver it to you anywhere in Australia.

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XO2® Express Carpet Stain Removal Kit
154.00 154.00 154.0 AUD
XO2® Advanced Carpet Stain Removal Kit
278.30 278.30 278.3 AUD
XO2® Trust Me - Rust Stain Remover
10.93 10.93 10.93 AUD
Mist Sprayer - With Pick Up Tube
2.20 2.20 2.2 AUD