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Our natural and eco-friendly cleaning products love people and the environment. Going natural and chemical free* (*see question below) wherever you can is a great way to keep people safer and healthier. At XO2 we are huge supporters of radical chemical reduction in the home and workplace. 

Are XO2's eco-friendly cleaning solutions chemical free? Be wary of chemical free product claims. Remember water is a chemical compound (H2O)! So by that definition there are no chemical free cleaning solutions... it's impossible. Chemical free, when it's used to describe a cleaning liquid, gel or powder is a marketing term that is just not accurate. Makers will justify the term by saying their product has no hazardous chemicals which is not a very high bar in this category. In that case maybe they should be called hazardous chemical free, and we are happy to say all the products on this page get a big tick (except for our Pure Eucalyptus Oil which is flammable). At XO2, when we say chemical free, we are talking about using alternative cleaning methods like cleaning dry with microfibre cloths or mops and using no liquids. 

Blog Article: Do Chemical Free Cleaning Solutions Actually Exist? What Is A Chemical Anyway?

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ZERO Alcohol & Kid Friendly
ZERO Alcohol & Kid Friendly
ZERO Alcohol & Kid Friendly
XO2® 'Shields Up Zero' Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser Refill
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