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Laundry Cleaning Chemicals & Stain Removers

Wash smarter, not harder with XO2's professional range of commercial laundry detergents, wool washes, fabric softeners, soakers, stain removers and bleaches. There's liquids, powders and even single use sachets available. Check out the latest in laundry chemistry like Aquasmart. It's a new generation laundry powder super concentrate designed to replace cumbersome, complicated, unreliable and high maintenance multi-product OPL liquid systems in commercial laundries. Try our laundry chemical concentrates today, for cleaner fibres faster and less re-washes! Enjoy same day dispatch and delivery to anywhere in Australia.

XO2® Cuddles - Laundry Powder Super Concentrate
52.80 52.80 52.800000000000004 AUD
XO2® Laundry Liquid Sachets
69.30 69.30 69.3 AUD
XO2® Laundry Powder Sachets
69.30 69.30 69.3 AUD
Jasol Low Temperature Bleach
152.64 152.64 152.64000000000001 AUD