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Blog Article: How To Do Flood Clean Ups (Including Mould Removal & Surface Decontamination)

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Got bad mould? With XO2, tough mould can be gone in seconds. Our mould removal solutions works fast with immediate action and results. You can remove, clean and prevent black mould, algae, moss mildew and green slime from your hard surfaces quickly and easily. Make sure you check out iDestroy (our #1 legendary mould remover). iDestroy not only removes the toughest mould (even that wild black stuff), it can prevent new growth for up to 12-24 months depending on conditions such as rainfall, humidity and foliage cover. It's suitable on surfaces such as concrete, pavers, stone walls, colorbond, stencil/stamped concrete, roof tiles, hard court tennis courts, synthetic grass, tiles, terracotta, bricks, sandstone and granosite. Make sure you have some on hand for the rainy/humid/flood season when mould can get out of control.

Video: How To Kill Mould Dead Using iDestroy


FAQ: Will mould come back after it has been treated effectively?

The mould spores are the reproductive particle of moulds. They are always present in the air in both indoor and outdoor environments. They can't be 100% eliminated but they can be reduced. The most important step in preventing mould from returning is to treat the moisture problem. If there is moisture or humidity mould will return, even on clean surfaces.