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Paper Hand Towels & Dispensers

XO2's paper hand towels and dispensers are what guests want. Health authorities recommend disposable paper towels for hand drying because they're more hygienic than automatic electric hand dryers. That's why you don't find hand dryers in hospitals. Hand dyers increase air flow in a washroom increasing the spread of toilet plume which is basically tiny poo, wee, vomit, mould and saliva droplets in the air. That's why we don't supply hand dryers! Our extensive hand towel range includes cut sheet paper towels and wall mounted dispensers, paper roll towel, centrefeed towel, wipers on a roll and even our legendary automatic touch free paper towel dispenser. You'll find everything you need right here and we'll deliver it to you anywhere in Australia. 

Blog Article: The Truth About Breathing Poo Particles In Bathrooms (This is why XO2 does not supply hand dryers!)

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XO2® Multi-Fold Paper Hand Towel Dispenser Starter Kit
124.99 124.99 124.99000000000001 AUD
XO2® Touch-Free Paper Hand Towel Dispenser
187.00 187.00 187.0 AUD
XO2® Mungous Paper Hand Towel Roll
17.60 17.60 17.6 AUD
XO2® Chubby Luxury Folded Paper Hand Towels
70.35 70.35 70.35000000000001 AUD
XO2® 100m Paper Roll Towel
7.15 7.15 7.15 AUD
ABC Centre Pull Towel Dispenser
80.38 80.38 80.38 AUD
ABC Paper Roll Towel Dispenser - Metal, Enamel
94.07 94.07 94.07000000000001 AUD
Earthcare Centre Pull Paper Roll Towel
71.79 71.79 71.79 AUD