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Touch-Free Washroom Dispensers & Products

If it's not touch free do a bush wee.

Touch-free washroom dispensers and products are no longer the future, they are now. Turn your washroom users into raving fans. Give guests, visitors, patients, students or staff peace of mind through an automatic touch-free experience that says ‘We Care’. XO2's range of automatic and touch free washroom dispensers for hand soap, hand sanitiser, air freshener and hand towel improves hygiene and reduce costs. A smart touch-free washroom is smart for your business. 60-85% of your washroom supplies are wasted or stolen. We can help you reduce product usage by up to 85% and give your guests a better experience.

ZERO Alcohol & Kid Friendly
70% Alcohol
XO2® Multi-Fold Paper Hand Towel Dispenser Starter Kit
124.99 124.99 124.99000000000001 AUD
XO2® Touch-Free Paper Hand Towel Dispenser
187.00 187.00 187.0 AUD