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XO2® Crackerjack - Hi-Tech, Low pH Shock Treatment for Extreme Hard Surface Cleaning

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XO2® Crackerjack - Hi-Tech, Low pH Shock Treatment for Extreme Hard Surface Cleaning

XO2® Crackerjack - Hi-Tech, Low pH Shock Treatment for Extreme Hard Surface Cleaning


69.37 69.37 69.37 AUD


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What a cracker.

XO2® Crackerjack is famous for it’s acid replacement technology. This technology is blended with a secret, powerful and biodegradable combination of wetting agents, surfactants and emulsifiers. 

XO2® Crackerjack is brilliant for removing all types of mineral based soils and staining like calcium, lime, rust, water scale, uric acid, oxidation, soap and body fats, concrete residues, grout, efflorescence, plaster, algae stains and good old Aussie red dirt!

XO2® Crackerjack is non-DG (non dangerous goods). It provides problem solving success without the normal safety risks associated with using acid based chemicals which includes acid burns, fuming, dangerous goods transportation, handling and storage.

Acid replacement technology uses organic salt (low in pH). It acts just like an acid in the cleaning process but has none of the adverse dangers associated with acids such as Hydroflouric, Hydrochloric, Sulphuric, Phosphoric, Nitric, Citric, Sulphamic, Oxalic and Glycolic. 

Where to use.

XO2® Crackerjack can be used indoors and outdoors in multiple applications. XO2® Crackerjack is loved by the mining, industrial, construction, tiling and professional cleaning industries because it can be used on many different surfaces including Ceramic and quarry tiles, Concrete (not polished concrete), Sandstone (unsealed), Terracotta (unsealed), Pavers (unsealed), Fibreglass, Toilet bowls and urinals, Mag Wheels, Pebblecrete, Grout and Glass.


The benefits

• High powered. Multi-purpose. Instant action.

• Acid replacement technology.

• Non-DG. Low pH.

• Aggressive deep cleaner for hard surfaces.

• Exceptional safety profile. User friendly.

• No fluorides. Safe to store.

• Sensational in washrooms too.

• Removes rust.

• Brilliant on mineral based soils and staining.

• For commercial or domestic use.

• Australian made and owned.

Wall charts

Handy wall charts for easy to follow instructions and better safety.


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