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Heavy Duty Cleaners & Degreasers

At XO2, there's 2 different types of heavy duty cleaners and degreasers...

1. Regular cleaning and maintenance (Daily, Weekly or Monthly)

You might have a difficult to clean surface and your regular cleaners aren't up to task. XO2's maintenance heavy duty cleaners are designed to be used often keeping surfaces cleaner for longer. Products include Bonza, Activ Chlor, HDC Plus, Pro Foam, Too Easy and Razzle Dazzle.

2. Surface restoration, severe soiling, problem solving and shock treatments (Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly)

These super strong products may only need to be used yearly, quarterly or monthly and may require more thorough rinsing. Without thorough rinsing you might find the surfaces will re-soil quickly. Our restoration heavy duty products are more often used with scrubbing machines and high pressure water blasting equipment. Products include... TKO, Crackerjack, Phos Power and Hypo.